Wobbly Lidded Pot - Bits & Bobs 7724


Brand East Of India

East of India's handmade products are all beautifully designed and one of our favourite and best selling ranges. We find it a privilege to stock these beautfully crafted products. The porcelain range is no exception and one of our best selling ranges.  

This beautiful potted lid has a little bit of a 'wobble' to the edge of the lid to give it a slight shabby chic style.  In true East of India style, it has a lovely illustration of vases and flowers and wording in an old fashioned type writer font saying "Bits and bobs".  A lovely jewellery holder for on the dressing table or collect spare change and keep it all together in one place in a stylish way!

Size: 9 x 7.5 x 7.5cm

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