Weight Loss Planner Plaque with Stand 9545


Brand Oopsy Daisies

Please add ALL wording required (plaque comes completely blank)

Are you trying to eat healthier and shed a few pounds?  Sometimes this can be really hard especially keeping motivated.  This mile chart is perfect for keeping you motivated with a special treat at the end!  It is split into sections for each stone and features a £1 slots in those sections.  Each time you lose a pound in weight, add a £1 coin to the plaque.  At the end of your journey / target, you will have earned yourself the equivalent in £1's to what you have lost in pounds - well worth a special treat!

You can purchase it as a 2 stone target or 3 stone target (shown in example).  If your target is more than 3 stone, you can purchase additional plaques and we can change the mile stones (just add to notes box).  Also, to make it extra special, we can personalise it for you with your name / wording at the top.  Just add all wording in the box above.  You could also consider just putting 'My Weight Loss Journey' and when you have hit your target, you could pass it on and help someone else?

Includes a wooden stand.

Sizes (excluding stand):

2 Stone Target: 21 x x22.5cm

3 Stone Target: 30 x 22.5cm

NB: Does not incude £1 coins!!!!

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