Silhouette with Tree in Md Frame - Nanny & Child 5517


Brand Oopsy Daisies

(To opt for same saying as main example - just write "as example"
(NB: Only choose Typography for smaller sayings approx up to 100 characters)
See example photos for different styles
Please consider background colour - e.g. White writing won't show on the pink background
This will show at the bottom of the frame (see photo for example). This can be a small message or just a name - whatever you want it to say!

Our personalised frames have proven to be extreamly popular and definitely keep our workshop department busy!  These Silhouette designs are elegant and can be used to give as a very special and unique gift for all occassions.  All of the designs are displayed in a medium white box frame with a wooden tree.

All of the following need to be inputted / chosen in boxes above:

Simply choose your design....(this one being Nanny & Child),

Decide on your saying....(this can be as the example or your own),

Choose a background colour....(you can see other designs to see what colours look like)

Choose a style of writing....(Photos of the different options can be seen - NB: For typography, this should only be used for small sayings / quotes)

Finally, decide on your personalised message, which is added to the bottom of the frame..............(Example of what this looks like is shown in one of the photos included)

Outside of frame Sixe:  32.5 x 4.2cm approx

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