Porcelain Open Frame - Enjoy the Journey 10210


Brand East Of India

East of India's handmade products are all beautifully designed and one of our favourite and best selling ranges. We find it a priviedge to stock these beautfully crafted products. All of the porcelain pretties are extremely popular and this porcelain frame is really special and unique.  with a porcelain exterior frame with a slight 'wobble' to it giving it a shabby chic style.  Inside is porcelain shapes of a boat and sun with an open back (no backing).  In true East of India style, there is old fashioned type writer style font wording underneath saying "Enjoy the Journey" making it a really special and ideal gift of encouragement.  Ideal for new job, graduation, adventure gifts

Sixe: 7 x 9.5 x 2cm

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