Pick & Mix Chocolate Bar 14062

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Brand Danny's Chocolates

Who doesn't love a bit of chocolate?!  Montrose Chocolate is the sister company of Stoke-on-Trent based family chocolatiers Daniel’s Delights, who have been producing premium chocolate products since 2007 and carefully craft all our DANNY'S crazy creations (more details below on this lovely chocolate).

This slab of loveliness is an caramel galore favourite!  Do you like sweets? Well, has Danny got a time-saving solution to taking two snacks into the shower....  Just jesting. Don't do that “it won't do a good job of making you sparkle“ but what it will do is clean up at making you the royalty of confection for the day. Just look at all those admiring glances, drooling over your crazy psychedelish creation it can only be the madness of King Danny!  A lovely little gift, stocking filler or a perfect excuse to treat yourself!

Made from delicious premium South American single origin chocolate
Zero Plastics Used 100% Recyclable Box with a Compostable Wrap
Made at our family run factory in Staffordshire, United Kingdom
We only use Ethically and Sustainably sourced Cacao
Vegetarian Friendly

Size: 180mm H x 86mm W x 12mm D / 80g

BBF date is up to 6 months

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Each unique Danny's item is developed with real craft and care using the finest hand picked single origin Colombian Cacao from the Luker Chocolate in Colombia the home of Cacao. Luker Chocolate is over 113 year old business who ethically and sustainably 'fina de aroma' cacao and delivering superior quality products is of primary importance for Danny's Chocolates. 

This is achieved by supporting a ‘Farm to Bar’ ethos, through our partnership with Luker Chocolate, focusing on quality, combined with truly artisanal roots.


List of ingredients
Colombian White Chocolate (76%) (sugar, cocoa butter, milk powder, emulsifier: soya lecithin; flavouring: natural vanilla), Assorted Sweets (22%) (glucose syrup, sugar, dextrose, gelatine, acid: citric acid; flavouring; fruit and plant concentrates: safflower, spirulina, apple, elderberry, blackcurrant, orange, kiwi, lemon, mango, passion fruit, aronia, grape; caramelised sugar syrup, elderberry extract, glazing agents: beeswax, carnauba wax), Multicoloured 100s & 1000s (2%) (sugar, wheat starch, glucose syrup, vegetable oil: coconut; natural colours: curcumine, anthocyanins; glazing agent: beeswax; concentrate of beetroot). White Chocolate contains Cocoa Solids 35% Minimum, Milk Solids 24% Minimum


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