Personalised Long Plq - Weight Loss Journey 9554


Brand Oopsy Daisies

Are you trying to eat healthier and shed a few pounds?  Sometimes this can be really hard especially keeping motivated.  Use this plaque to encourage you by seeing how many lbs you are losing each week, how many you have lost so far and how many in total by chalking the amounts onto the black stars.  AND then, when you have hit your target, pull a star down from behind for it to dangle underneath with the words 'I did it!'

What's even better.....we can personalise it with your name and it's a shabby chic style! 

Size of plaque: 20.5 x 10cm

NB: All of our handmade items are individually handmade and therefore, may vary slightly to the example.  Please use chalk to write on the stars and wipe with a dry rag.

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