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**EXAMPLE SHOWS THE WOODEN BOX** (Available as a Papp Art or Wooden Box - please select above)


Christmas Eve is one of my most favourite times of the year.  Work & shopping has finished, businesses are sleeping, excitement is in the air in anticipation for such a special day and you can finally sit down, breathe and relax! 

On this evening, there is a tradition that is fast growing of creating a Christmas Eve box where you can place special items that can be opened the night before Christmas.  This can be a family box or an individual box (especially for children).  Items such as new PJ's, cookies, a new mug, hot chocolate, marshmellows, a new reading book and a Christmas present to open early etc can be placed in the box.

This box is perfect for an individual or a family and can be personalised. 
NB: Please enter ALL personalisation in above box/s

Available on a Papp Art box (a very sturdy stiff cardboard) or on a special wooden box with hinges and a clasp.  (Example show the wooden box)

Size of Papp Art Box: 34 x 17 x 34.5cm

Size of Wooden Box: 33 x 25 x 15cm

Also available in Pink

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(Our thanks go out to all those who conitnue to work in these hours - hospital staff, police, fire services etc)

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