Pebble People Sm Box Frame - Person & Balloon 8519


Brand Oopsy Daisies

Please add ALL wording required (plaque comes completely blank)
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Our 'Pebble People' range are adorable gifts for so many occasions and are personalised to make that extra special touch.  Placing the pebbles to mimic people, animals etc to send the perfect message.

This design mimics a person holding a balloon with the wording 'Somebody Loves You'.   All wording can be changed to suit, just fill in all of the boxes above (wording / date etc can also be added to the mount at the bottom)  Ideal gift for wedding, valentines, engagement, mother's day and friends gifts  but if you prefer to add your own saying, message or date etc, this can be changed.  

Add all your personalisation in the boxes above.

The example shows a background colour of Gulls Egg in a black frame,

Size: 25cm x 25cm

NB: All of our handmade and personalised items are individually handmade so may vary slightly to the example.  The nature of these designs, the shape and size of the pebbles etc will differ.

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