Pebble People Sm Box Frame - Family 11024


Brand Oopsy Daisies

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Our 'Pebble People' range are adorable gifts for so many occasions and are personalised to make that extra special touch.  Placing the pebbles to mimic people, animals etc to send the perfect message.

This design mimics a family including the option of pets.  Running along a tree branch, the pebbles illustrate people with a body and a head with some of the pebbles painted in soft pink, blue & grey shades to give an elegant and soft look to it.  You have the option of choosing Adults, Children & Pets which then suits any family or occasion (see 'Nitty Gritty Below for instructions).  One pebble person is holding a balloon in the shape of a wooden heart.

Just above the family and on the mount below, you have the option of wording to make it extra speciail as well as the choice of background colours and frame colours.

A really beautiful addition to the home or gift ideal for Mother's Day

Size: 28.5 x 28.5cm


Add all your personalisation in the boxes above or leave blank if no wording is required.  Not all pebbles will be painted.

From left to right (as you look at the picture) you will be asked to choose a character - i.e. Adult, Young Adult Boy/Girl, Child Boy/Girl, Dog, Cat.  There is a maximum of 7 Characters.  

The example picture shows: Young Adult, Young Adult Girl, Adult, Adult, Young Adult Boy, Dog. On a grey background and a grey frame.

There is also a box for Specific requirements.  We will try our best to match your requirements but this will not always be possible!

NB: All of our handmade and personalised items are individually handmade so may vary slightly to the example.  The nature of these designs, using a lot of natural products, will mean they will differ to the example (the shape and size of the pebbles etc)

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