Mini Posy on Card - Happy Birthday 13844


Brand Oopsy Daisies

So so excited to be selling these gorgeous flower bouquets!  Made up by the Oopsy Team in different colour variations, they display beautifully in a vase and last!  Give as a gift for a special occasion or just to bring a smile to someone's face.

This mini posy is a perfect little gift for Birthdays.  Dyed dried flowers of selected shades that compliment one another, including delphinium, daisies and phalaris tied with jute string and inserted into a brown kraft card with the wording 'Happy Birthday" across the slit.  Give as a special little greeting card or with the ability to take the flowers out of the slot and display in a tiny vase if wanted.

Size of card: 14 x 10cm


Our dried flowers keep for months and even years, simply store away from heat, moisture and direct light.

NB: Item will differ from the example picture because of the nature and selection of the flowers.  Dried flowers are delicate.

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