Make-Up Removing Cloths Leopard Print 13552

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Brand Vintage Cosmetics

Sensitive skin that’s prone to breakouts? The only places you’ll be finding spots in future will be your leopard print make-up removing cloths!  Yes, ma’am, it’s time to wave a not-so-fond farewell to pore-clogging, irritating cleansers and wasteful, single-use make-up removing wipes, and say hello to gentle, chemical-free deep cleansing.

Each of the three fully reusable face cloths measures up at 25cm x 25cm – large enough for you to use a fresh section on different areas so you can carefully and thoroughly cleanse your eyes, lips, cheeks, chin and neck, leaving you feline fabulous.

All you need is a little water to dampen your cloth before use and a mirror to admire the results – a beautifully fresh-faced glowing you, thanks to thousands of clever little microfibres that sweep all the cares and dirt of the day away from every last pore.  And the vintage-inspired, candy-striped gift box is enough of a treat to make it the purrfect gift for every girl who wants to take a walk on the naturally wild side.

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How to use

  • Moisten your double-sided cloth with a splash of water – warm is best – then lightly sweep the short fibre-side over your face, beginning with your eyes.
  • Use a gentle, circular motion until all make-up is removed, then flip to the longer-fibre side for an extra-deep cleanse and exfoliation to remove old skin cells and reveal your inner glow. 
  • Machine wash on 30C before first use to fluff up all those mighty powerful fibres so they’re ready to do battle against anything, even the most waterproof of mascaras.
  • Keep fiercely fresh by regular washing and leaving to air-dry for purrfect results time and time again.


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