Make-Up Removing Cloths Cherry Print 13551


Brand Vintage Cosmetics

Get your natural glow on, girlfriend. All you need are these adorable double-sided face cloths and a splash of warm water. It’s the new, old-fashioned way to be as fresh as cherry blossom.   One side sweeps away every scrap of make-up, dirt and daily grime as if by magic. The other gently exfoliates to reveal squeaky-clean radiance – no irritating cleansers required. Perfect if you want to protect sensitive skin, use fewer chemicals in your life and do your bit for the environment.   A lovely little gift or stocking filler!

Squaring up at 25cm x 25cm and made from baby-soft polyester, our vintage 1950s inspired cherry-print cloths are fully reusable. With three in the pack, you can have one on the go, one in the washing machine and one on the line. 

Wash at 30°C before first use to remove any itsy bits of lint and puff up those clever little fibres, so they’re in tiptop shape to give you peachy-smooth sweet cheeks. 

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How to use

  • To melt away make-up and deep cleanse, first dampen your cloth with warm water, then lightly massage your skin in a circular motion with the short-fibre side. 
  • To exfoliate, repeat the process with the longer-fibre side. 
  • Wash regularly at 30°C and keep away from the tumble dryer – it airdries in a jiffy.
  • Psst! Pop in your washbag as a space-saving alternative to travel cleansers.


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