Keepsake Box - Baby 8775


Brand East Of India

East of India's handmade products are all beautifully designed and one of our favourite and best selling ranges. We find it a priviedge to stock these beautfully crafted products and the keepsake box range is no exception.  These beautiful wooden Keepsake Boxes are really beautiful for keeping memories and keepsakes in and make a beautiful gift.  Perfect for manu occasions including Baby, Wedding, Mother's Day, Friendship.

This handcrafted hinged keepsake box is decorated with illustrations of little animals (dog, elephant and giraffe) with soaring birds on a grey white wash background which is continued around the box.  The word 'BABY' is beneth in bold white writing making it a beautful item for all of those baby memories.

Sixe: 21 x 12 x 21cm

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