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Candle Sugar Plum - Gorgeous Mummy 9744


Brand Rufus Rabbit

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Sugar Plum Gorgeous Mummy Candle.  Let’s hear it for all the ladies and the amazing role they play in that little old thing they call life!  Rufus Rabbit enjoys designing gift lines for all the important people in a newborn’s life with special attention paid to those who deserve a reward for the really hard part, giving birth!  We had a lovely time choosing the sumptuous scents and hope they’ll prove a popular gift addition to the Rufus Rabbit collection.

These Rufus candles proved such a popular gift first time round that we’ve produced them again. This time with the added bonus of silver foiling on the artwork.

Sugar Plum blended soy wax candle.

Natural botanical fragrance.

Lead free wick.

Candle size 7.5cm x 6.5cm. Burn time 32hrs.

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