Bioloco Plant Easy Cup - Time for Coffee 11144


Brand chic.mic

We absolutely adore this range of eco-friendly travel cups, cups, lunchboxes & flasks from Chic.mic. Not only are they adorable in design, practical, sustainable and very well made, they are also environmentally friendly and help reduce plastic waste.  They are either Bamboo/ Plant based materials which, not only are lovely to the touch but, odour neutral so not to leave you with that rubbery / plastic taste like other cups.  They are designed with both environment and practicality in mind finished with the most adorable colours and illustrations.

These Bioloco Plant Easy Cups are an affordable carbon neutral range of reusable coffee cups made from plant sugar.  This cup has a bright, cheerful and fresh feel to it with light pinks and dusky greens to illustrate a floral design and the wording on a white and black polka dot backround saying "Time for coffee".  Finished with a dusky green large clip lid

Reusable cups from plant sugar (PLA)
Climate Positive product
Melamine and BPA free
Capacity of 420 or 14.2 oz
Recyclable and industrially compostable
Industrially Compostable
Microwave Safe (Except Lid)
Dishwasher Safe
Resealable Lid

Size: 350ml / 11.8 oz

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