Amelie Basket - Pink 14112

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Brand Rex London

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There are all kinds of reasons to give gifts. But the most special gift of all is the one you receive when you’re not expecting it, matched only by the one you give because the fancy suddenly takes you.  Rex London are the designers, curators and sellers of these kinds of gifts. They call them Gifts of Random Kindness: beautiful things that you can afford to give whenever you want. Not only because you know they’ll bring pleasure, but because they’re always equally beautifully priced.  And that is why we love stocking these quirky, fun loving gifts!!

These adorable basket bags are a definite Daisy favourite!  Bringing back quite a few childhood memories of my pink jelly bag and shoes! A flexible plastic basket in a soft pastel pink, with heart and flower decorations either side which can be filled with some of our pretty stocking fillers.  A really lovely gift available in other shades.

  • Ideal for carrying shopping or items that need to be transported somewhere
  • Features circular carrying handles
  • Approximate volume: 6.7 litres
  • Product materials: Basket: Plastic
  • Product dimensions: width: 14cm, length: 28.5cm, height: 31cm, weight: 183g

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